Remembering who you are is the purpose of life!

Positive Quote of the Day ~ January 2nd

Blog of a Mad Black Woman


“Wear your tragedies as armour, not shackles.”

Have a blessed day all. <3

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Never Stop

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doesnt give you credit

We don’t do it for the recognition.


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Inspirational thought for the Day – Ian Fleming

Strive to be adventurous in this life! :)

Manthan Diary

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I love an adventurous life and Ian Fleming is very right in saying a life without adventure is dull. I wonder how the housewives in rural India manage to live their entire life within the four walls. It is pitiable.

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The Flavor of Success

Life's Books


“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” 

-Truman Capote

Failure is something we all dislike, because there is nothing pleasant about attempting to do something, and not succeeding in that which we have wanted to achieve. Some people take a failure harder than others: they might see that failure as essential to their character, and thus, identify with it. However, there are people who look at a failure and realize that it’s just a set back. The fact that they didn’t succeed the first, second, third, or hundredth time doesn’t mean that they won’t ever succeed. All they have to do is keep looking for ways.

However, once success comes, it becomes that much better. You see, here it’s not just about the success itself, though this, too, is important. Of course it’s a great feeling to know you’ve achieved something thorough your own efforts. However, what’s even…

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Random act of kindness.

Wonder Of My Worlds



Today is random act of kindness day! A good person is contagious. If we all pay a little compliment or spend that extra dollar for a coffee for the person behind us, we can really make a someone’s day. Pay it forward guys :) xx

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“Love hard…”

Day To Day Creativity


“Love hard when there is love to be had.”

-Bob Marley

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