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  1. I make recordings of me stating my I AM statements of affirmations and manifesting statements as I figure I listen to my voice more than anyone else’s so I might as well be hearing good stuff :)

    • What an great idea!! :D Thanks for sharing.

      • I enjoy it. I often have it in my CD player when I drive. I went to a workshop on manifestation and we wrote up several goals with statements like “wouldn’t it be nice”, :” what if”, etc. and I decided to record it and make a CD. So I listen to it often so it becomes the script in my head. Oh…and thanks for leading “Aliceswonderingland” to me.

      • Excellent! That’s wonderful. Doing that ends up re-programming your subconscious mind and transmuting all the negativity.

        You’re welcome! She is an amazing poetess!!

  2. I really like this list. I think it is something more people should see.

  3. Lol i love this looks so simple but its hard i think every one should engrave it on their forehead :)

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