*Infinite Thanks* to everyone who’s following this blog!

I am extraordinarily grateful for each and every one of you! I only just started this love-oriented blog a little over a week ago and already have 100 followers! I feel truly blessed… for the entire purpose of what I’m doing is to spread positivity and the attitude of gratitude like wildfire. :D Thank you so much! <3


Love & Light,
founder of BL&BL

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  1. Your welcome. It’s an awesome blog! The more of us spreading Love, Speaking Love and being Love, the better. It is needed in whatever format it hits the paper. Alone we are a force, together we are a movement! Roll on the award!
    Big Love

    • Your kindness makes my day! :) I could not agree any more with you. Thank you for adding even more positivity to this blog. There can never be too much of it in this world. <3

  2. Always happy to help! It’s nice to have something positive to read, when I find I am so often dealing with heavy, negative things on my own blog.

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